The benefits of therapeutic horseback riding are many for children and adults with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. The movement of a horse has been shown to assist with natural body placement and produce enhancement of balance, strength, coordination, and spatial orientation. In a lesson a rider is able to gain confidence, and improve multi-tasking and sequencing. The relationship between a horse and a rider has been shown to improve socialization, communication skills, anger management,and so much more.

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• ***Please email for an application. (***Currently accepting applications for new riders!***)

• Lessons are $30.00 for a one hour lesson once per week. Scholarship applications are available for families who meet our financial assistance criteria!

• We serve children and adults of all ages! However, riders must be 3 in order to begin.

• Riders must be 250 lbs. or lighter.

• Parents and Family are encouraged to volunteer in your rider's weekly lesson.

• The application consists of completing forms with goals, abilities, challenges etc. to be completed by the rider or parent.

• One single form is to be completed by a physician.

Upon completion of the application please call our Director of Operations Julie Rivard to set up an appointment for an evaluation with the rider and family at no cost to discuss the application contents and scheduling.

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship

Wings of Hope is a Premier Accredited Center through The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International For even more information about the benefits of Equitherapy please visit the PATH International website