Core Purpose and Values



It is the core purpose of Wings of Hope Equitherapy to provide hope and healing through gentle horses and the love of God.


At Wings of Hope it is the goal of our horses, staff and volunteers to promote independence and celebrate the abilities of each individual in the program


Our core values include providing a safe therapeutic enviornment through christian compassion, human dignity, healing hope, and gracious integrity.

Wings of Hope provides innovative equine assisted activities and is known as a sanctuary for individuals who are physically, emotionally and intellectually challenged.

Through our guiding principle of essential ministry it is our commitment to provide a sanctuary where all feel acceptance, compassion, hope and the love of God's mercy through the grace of the holy spirit.

While Wings of Hope has Christian roots, we are open to all, and our riding programs have no religious content. Strictly optional non-denominational fellowship and prayer groups are offered to any rider, volunteer or family with an expressed interest.